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The Volkstanzgruppe Benthullen-Harbern was founded in 1976. In a short time the group succeeded in performing folkdances. Beyond the Oldenburg area (located in northwest Germany) they are a well known guest at several events

They have participated in International performances and exchange programs in the Netherlands, England, Wales, Lithuania, Hungary (1993 + 2006), Poland, Sweden (2002, 2015), Latvia (2004) Italy (2011) and the USA (1985, 1989, 1994, 2009).

The girls' Costumes are designed and made by themselves. The boys wear a traditional carpenter's costume.

The dances of the group are mostly from the German speaking areas of Europe. At important performances, self choreographed dances are shown.

At the moment there are 35 members in the adult group. Accordion players play the tunes for the dancers. The members of the adult group are between 14 and 64 years old.

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